Monday, July 30, 2007


Yup, you guessed it. It's my 9th post! Can you believe it? I never thought I would last through nine whole posts as a blogger!

Hardy har har. No, that's not the nine I'm talking about....

This past week, my dear Little A turned 9. NINE! (By the way, birthday party planning was the reason for the most previous absence....just in case any of you were wondering if I had spent the past too weeks floating in a liquor filled pool of master's completeness...I wish.)

Her birthday was the standard Little A multi-day extravaganza and she seemed quite happy about everything. Mostly. I gave her the ultimate of all gifts this year...a trip to Disney. (I'd tell you to feel free to question my sanity, but most of you already know the true state of my sanity.) She was....weird. Fully expecting her head to explode upon figuring out this gift out (I included a series of clues in some small gifts), the room was silent. And she looked...confused....just generally weirded out. It was truly anti-climatic.

Last night, about 3 minutes after she went to bed, she comes into my room saying she had a nightmare. We went to Disney and got caught in a tornado (I'm guessing she means hurricane, but whatever). She's freaking out about the trip and thinks we are going to die in a hurricane. Where the hell did this come from? Weekly Reader. Remember those? Some Weekly Reader she read this year in school has firmly connected Florida with hurricanes. Great. Super. Thanks Weekly Reader, I owe you one.

So this morning...I offered her a new gift. "We don't have to go to Disney if you don't want to," I said praying I could get my money back if she really took this route. I have to tell you, these are not words that I ever thought I would have to say as a parent. We talked the whole way over to her Dad's though, and after guarantees of pretrip weather checks and contingency plans, she decided that she really did want to go to Disney and actually (finally) started to get excited about it.

I have a VERY sensitive child...have I mentioned it before?



Blogger Chris said...

Happy birthday, Little A!

Argh, it pisses me off that kids of her age are getting exposed to how most American media distorts risk...

9:25 AM  
Blogger Jeanne said...

Happy Birthday, Little A! You will enjoy your Disney trip very much! Really, it's impossible not to.

12:15 PM  
Blogger knitnzu said...

My BIL lived through Wilma when it was stalled on the Yucatan. The dvd he brought back was pretty amazing-national geographic meets blair witch! Hope she loves it! Would she like to get wings? The flight attendants will give them to kids if you ask. 9? 10 is hard, double digits you know!

8:03 PM  
Anonymous Nancy said...

Happy Belated to Little A!

We did the Disney trip in January, and it took a bit for my girls to get adjusted to the idea as well -- but we all had a great time. I think you handled it perfectly, because proposing to cancel gave you two the opportunity to discuss everything and have her work it out in her head that it will be OK.

I get the sensitive thing, too -- I remember as a child I decided I'd NEVER visit California because it might have an earthquake and fall off into the ocean. ;-)

11:01 AM  

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