Friday, July 06, 2007

Polar Opposites

Yuh know, on any given day, its hard to know what I'll be working on. Today, these two are the winners. The top? You guessed it. I took the plunge. It's mystery stole #3, clue #1. I had resisted this mystery stole thing for a good month or so when I first heard a woman talking about it at my LYS. I kinda wanted to, I kinda knew that I had far too many things already languishing, unfinished, in my apartment. And so I resisted. Last Tuesday, at knitting, the dirty scoundrel, Cyncyn, started talking about it again. I really tried to ignore her. And I probably did it well enough that she was unaware that I was listening at all (diligently weaving in mitered ends, and all). I still had restraint. Because? I hadn't seen it. I still was able to remain strong because I had no visual coaxing. And then?

Stinkin' Harlot. Just had to show off how beautiful it is, didn't she? Argh. So, I joined, and knit clue #1 last night. I'm not using the beads, as they are optional, and to be honest I find beads and knitting a little icky. It's just a personal thing. Like strawberry fluff. Blech. The yarn is a recycled cashmere sweater from Lord and Taylor. I plan to dye it at the end after the whole design has been revealed. It's a little too yellow for me. I'm sure it will end up a dark red or dark purple since I like most things to be dark red or dark purple, but I guess we'll see how the design goes.
The bottom piece is the front of a new dancing bag for Little A. I was gifted some yarn recently. Actually it was a little more of a donation than a gift which means I can say I don't really like it, right? The giver knows this, but seemed humored to see what I might come up with for it (and several others that included a horrifying amount of ORANGE). I was playing around with it last night, muttering about how I didn't like it when Little A began to express her undying love of its pure beauty. (Ick.) She's needed a new dance bag for a few months now, so I asked her if she would like it for that. It's damn sturdy, let me tell you. Even if she starts wearing steel toed tap shoes, it should hold up for quite a while. I plan to make it even more ghastly and girly, so just you wait. That Easter puke up there is just the beginning!
So there you have it....the fine, meticulously patterned beautiful knit lace and the bulky, hardy, Easter puke wing-it bag. Polar opposites.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Found you thru the MS3 group and checked out your progress. Recycling - very cool. Read thru old posts and yeah, physically being a mom is hard, but mentally can be really tough. My daughter and middle school - pure crap - but she's 23 now and doing very well. She will still tell you middle school and high school were hell. Just breaks a mom's heart. Hope things are already better and Mr. Eyes doesn't sound like he's good enough for you.

1:26 PM  
Blogger Chris said...

That Yarn Harlot - she sucked me in, too! I'm not doing beads, either. I just have to get going!

2:13 PM  
Blogger Mary Lynn said...

Someone else sent me a tease on this past Monday. I resisted. Then YH got to me . . . the combination was too great. I am not doing beads. I love the way your's looks!

2:48 PM  
Blogger Michael said...

I think a bright green should be done instead of red and purple. You have lots of those colors already. Break free and be green! (Now that sounds like a slogan.)

3:22 PM  
Blogger Heide said...

I haven't even received my yarn yet for MS3, but I still intend on participating. I probably won't include beads either... it depends on what the yarn looks like when it arrives.

That is indeed a retina-searing conglomoration of colors in Little A's new bag. Will it be felted? If so then maybe the brightness will be subdued. Then again, little ones like bright colors, so it may be just what she wants as is. Enjoy your weekend!

12:10 PM  
Blogger Psyched2Knit said...

I like strawberry fluff! I'm impressed with your stole - cyncyn sucked me in too. Hopefully I'll see you this week

1:13 AM  
Blogger knitnzu said...

That easter puke looks like some sturdy red heart?? Are you going to add crocheted flowers or something? I have resisted the mystery stole thing, but who can say for next time. I'd go for the dark red. I am at this moment wearing darkish polish on my toenails (which is a rather extraordinary thing for me). Went to a wedding. I couldn't get the grime from under the toenails (even with scrubbing, soaking, cleaning, etc), so I thought, well, cover it up. And I LOVED the name, 'rebellious'. So I think you need a rebellious reddish purple shawl in the end! Are the boobs looking big today too?

1:03 PM  
Blogger CynCyn said...

HEY! how am I getting blamed for you and Debbie starting MS3? it's a freakin' phenomenon! didn't you see that the designer was interviewed by USA today? (but it's fine if you want to blame me instead of taking responsibility for your own lack of restraint... ;)

missed you at knitting last week... see you next week?

11:44 PM  

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