Friday, December 15, 2006

Finished Object Friday: Giving and Receiving

Even though I did get an attack of Christmas paralysis this week, I did manage to finish up on several things. Several more to go, but hey....this post officially knocks 4 items off my list! Not too shabby....

First, you all saw the you can see it with its matey:

For my mom. It is a relief to be done with my mom, I'm tellin' yuh.

Next, I got this headband earmuff thing at a store for Little A and used the leftovers from her scarf to cover the muffs and match it all up. This was a nice project....mainly because it took 1/2 hour!

She's been asking for earmuffs, so I was happy to oblige so very easily!

Next, the LAST of the convertible mitts, or glittens, as TB calls them:

Wow, am I over those mitts. Which sucks because I really want a pair myself, but I just don't know if I have it in me to knit ANOTHER pair. But the list!

And lastly:

My model in this picture is Little A's athletic cat Buttons, the gift itself is the kitty hat. It's for my new niece (I'm pretty sure I still get to call her my niece even though she's of the ex's side of the family, right??) I'm sorry about the poopoo picture, but I had thoroughly had it by the time I got to this one last night. It's an adaptation of this pattern, for a baby head.

What's left? Oye. I still need to finish a blanket for Little A, piece together a sweater for my sister, knit a few of Chris' bag for a tike and a friend, 1 more fuzzy foot for my dad, one more lace frame, and get together a few other TINY random gifts. 10 days til Christmas? Hmmmmm....Thank god Heide sent me such good coffee to help me through this!

Speaking of getting wonderful things in the mail....

I mentioned that I won a prize over a Chris' B-day contest, right??? Yup, I sure did, and what a surprise because I'm not a big winner usually! My prize was a beautiful 800+ yards of laceweight hand dyed by Chris herself.

Isn't it beautiful??? I feel an autumn leaves shawl headed my way REALLY soon! But guess what? That wasn't it! Her box was a treasure trove of goodies:

The chocolate? Delicious! The tape measure? Appropriated by Little A. The sheepy pez dispenser? Appropriated by Little A! The mix CD's? Excellent! I absolutely LOVE the coffee mix! The pink yarn? Destined for mittered greatness! Thank you so much Chris! It was such a fun surprise to receive, and geeez, how generous are to be sending off such excellent boxes for your OWN birthday! I think she's got some damn good karma stored up for the coming year, don't you guys think?

The funniest thing about this box, I showed every last item to N (because he was the only one home at the time and I had to show it to someone!) and he just was so confused. I was hoping he would catch a hint...since he claims he has such a hard time gifting to me..."See, all of these things make me happy....HINT HINT!" I'm not really sure the message made it through.

So, by now, you all know that the swap/yarn gods have smiled on me in the past couple of months. And so of course, I have another beautiful thing to show you! Remember my secret pal? Remember how she already sent me a wonderful package? Welp, I got home yesterday to this:

Do you know what that beautiful yarn is????? That, my dear friends, is the coveted Koigu. In a beautiful colorway (that of course I forgot to write down before work...blame the kitty ears!) I have Koigu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There was joy, there was petting, there was fondling. I confess. There was so much petting and fondling that Little A asked if I was mistaking the yarn for a new pet. Uh, duh Little A! Of course I am! And I will feed me my new pet that delicious chocolate! Thank you Secret Pal!

I have to say, I wish I knew who my secret pal is. After now having done a non-secret swap, I really think I prefer it. One of the best parts of that swap was getting connected with Heide, and based on our few emails (I think my pal may be as insanely busy or even more so than me!), it really seems like my SP is a lovely person and I wish I had a better opportunity to keep up with her right now. Maybe I'm just impatient? I don't know, but my SP's been so kind, I just wish I knew her a little better. So thank you SP, and uh...feel free to bare your identity if you want to! ;)


Blogger Chris said...

I'm so glad that you and Little A are enjoying the goodies!! :)

Hee hee - I know where you can buy some glittens... ;) That kitten hat is CUTE - I must knit one!

10:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Both the lace weight from Chris and the Koigu are lovely. I hate secret swaps. Last year I did SP7 and not knowing who my spoiler was drove me crazy. I ended up tracking her down though and we are now "friends". Someday I hope to even meet her in person. I'm getting ready to make the fingers of the fingerless gloves. Thank you so much for the pattern, this is one that I'll stick in my binder and make a lot. Have a great weekend and hope you get a chance to relax.

10:58 PM  
Anonymous lisa said...

Wow, you are a lucky yarn recipient! Chris's color is GEORGEOUS!!! Ooooh, Koigu. And, yes, you get to keep the neice. A friend of mine said it well, "you don't grow your family smaller" (she's fond of her ex's mom and they are active in each others lives). Men and hints.... I think you need a 2x4 to whack them with so they get the idea. And if that doesn't work, move up to the 4x4. Send me your address again?

4:14 PM  
Anonymous lisa said...

Hey! Check out the Coquito recipe I just posted.

9:35 PM  
Anonymous TB said...

Man, you've been busy! You really do need a pair of glittens for yourself; they're so handy (hee I'm punny).

I've found that if a guy tells you he's not good at picking presents, it's best just to tell him what you want directly, otherwise you end up with a western-wear inspired shirt with piping and mother of pearl buttons. Or maybe that's just me :o)

9:49 AM  

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