Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Is it too early for "And a partridge in a pear tree"?

Nine Numbered Notes about N

1. This is not exactly new news. We've been at least over-friendly again for several months.

2. I waited until the most recent break-up was off the front page to tell you. (Slick, eh? Oh's as if I just met him, and he never existed before this because he is off the front page.)

3. That would be break-up #14 (in case some of you needed further prodding for eye-rolling), by his count.

4. We are NOT living together.

5. Nor do we plan to for several years, if then.

6. I'm really not sure I'm the type of person who can live with another adult. Love them, sure. But LIVE with them. I'm just not sure about that one.

7. There were many moments in the past several months that moved this to its current point, but a key one was, "Wow...I was such an ass hole. I'm sorry. I was really an ass hole!" And that came without prodding from the studio audience, ladies and gentlemen.

8. Things are good, thus far. But I won't lie and say I have no trepidation about it at all.

9. He's still a man, after all.


Eight (more) appreciated ends of yarn (actually nine, but whatever) from Lisa!

Thanks Lisa!!!!


Seven (times 2) spare days to enter my whoring for yarn contest.

That's right. There's still plenty of time. Little Knits is having some killer sales right now and you could really score something nice with that winning gift certificate! Just send a 10-12 yard length of (sport/dk weight or lighter) yarn for an entry. Or send more than one (like Lisa) for more entries! Anything received by Halloween will be entered for the drawing on November 1st. If you can help me with my blanket, please email me at whoringforyarn at gmail dot com.


Six Savory Sections of Sweetie's Supper (Does your grandma call lunch "supper" also?)

1. Raspberries with Pomegranate

2. Carrots

3. Edamame

4. Cheddar Cheese

5. Mini-cupcake

6. 2 Rice Fritters (Italian-ish)


Five Fucking Days

This week is a little hectic.

Monday - Work while squeezing in every bit of Nervous System reading that I can, Little A's homework (complete with tantrums and lunch making), Little A's Dance Team audition (stress from which caused said tantrums), cake making for Little A for congratulations and from guilt of being less than sensitive about stress induced tantrums, more reading while daydreaming about knitting.

Tuesday - Work while squeezing in every bit of Nervous System reading that I can, finishing of final test without having finished reading, Little A's homework (no tantrums, thank you, but still lunch making), Little A's swim class, babysitting for a friend until past Little A's bedtime (and mine) while trying to squeeze some more reading in when the baby nodded off.

Wednesday - Work while squeezing in every bit of Nervous System reading that I can (only 150 pages to go! Ack!), finishing (hopefully...I'd better get off this blog) of A&P paper, Little A's homework and chores followed by Little A's friend. Oh, and picture day at Little A's school.

Thursday - Are we sensing a pattern here? Yeah, more of the same, but add in parent-teacher conference and frantic knitting while reading to try to complete something for finished object friday.

Friday - I'm sorry. I'm gonna need a nap by Friday.


Four fortnights on hold with Ferizon. (I know, I'm sorry, my alliteration is failing, but what can we expect?)

We've been having phone problem at work. In theory, I have a number that gets me through to humans, but lately the only thing it gets me through too is some meditation-ish music that makes me want to needle my eardrums after the 3rd straight hour.


Three things that I haven't told you yet:

1. I hate cable.

2. I hate cable guys who try to sell me cable.

3. Especially when I explicitly tell them "I hate cable. I wouldn't want it if you were giving it to me free."


Two tiresome tales

I didn't sleep much last night despite complete and utter exhaustion. But the little time I was a asleep, I had one of the creepiest dreams I've ever had.

I've developed an eye twitch right under my right eye. My friend tells my its from too much reading. Great. Only 150 pages to go. Until I go back to working on my thesis. I'm feeling cranky all of the sudden.

And sing with me....And a partridge ......zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ...................


Blogger Mindy said...

First off, 14 times? That did make me roll my eyes and I hadn't previously.

Second, your week makes me tired just reading about it.

11:59 AM  
Blogger V said...

I know....seriously. You'd think I could decide if I wanted to be with this bozo or not! I defintely do....when he's not being an intolerable ass hole. :) I'm hoping he's growing out of some of that.

12:28 PM  
Blogger Tink said...

Oh V. Just be careful OK?

What if he's the wrong person? What if the person who deserves you is out there waiting? Your feelings, back when you broke up, were legitimate. Don't ignore those issues.

2:31 PM  
Anonymous lisa said...

I'm right w/ tink. I'm always telling kids and women in self defense classes to "trust your intuition" (or for the little ones, that funny feeling in your gut). A group of 6th grade catholic school kids gave me one of those eye twitches once. Lasted a couple weeks! Someplace I have an interesting version of this xmas carol that a co worker wrote in about 1980 that includes ten twats a twitchin and ends w/ a quickie in the laundry. Will have to try to find it. Suppah has always been the evenin meal, with a workin dad, at about 5. Dinnah was the sunday/holiday big meal, usually about 1-2 pm. DH is from near Philadelphia, and this is not the way they do it there. His sister years ago was in TX and got invited to thanksgiving dinner, showed up "early" at about 4, to find that there were done, cleaned up, and picking at leftovers. Is Little A about the best fed kid you know?

8:52 AM  
Blogger Lisa said...

You know... my mom calls lunch "dinner" and dinner "supper". When I read this post about the lunch thing, I thought of her... And sometimes I still call dinner, "supper".

As for the relationship thing... Gah. How stressful. But so happy he admitted his asshole-er-y to you without prodding. YEAY!

10:49 AM  
Blogger Chris said...

I feel exhausted after reading that list. Hang in there!!

And I don't know if I can live with another adult again, either.

11:03 AM  
Anonymous TB said...

Jeff's parents, who are in their sixties call dinner supper.

Little A has to be the healthiest eater ever. That's awesome.

Hang in there it's almost Friday and thanks sooooooo much for the natural remedies. I'm going to try them tonight. Jeff on the other hand is going to the doctor for antibiotics. Bastard.

1:39 PM  
Blogger V said...

Ack! I just posted and it ate it! Grrrr!

I hear you on the legitimate feelings of the past, but I don't feel that those make current ones (or other nice ones) illiegitimate. I'm REALLY trying to remember them all and give it all a fair go. It's hard, but in the end, I really think its all about growth. If he seems like he can grow (up or any other direction for that matter!) than we'll have a good chance of being veyr happy. If not? Well....I'm just going to wait and see. Which is why I'm glad there's no "aritificial" cause to speed things up beyond a snail's pace. There's no need (in fact it would really screw many other things up right now!) for us to be living together or anything like that so I can just see how it goes.

And to be fair, only 1 of those break-ups was in the past year. We had a VERY tumultuous beginning which seems to be over. Thank God!

So, whose making dinner (or supper!). I'm exhausted.

12:02 PM  

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