Wednesday, October 11, 2006


What do you want from me woman?!?!?!

I sent my advisor a new, improved, excessively focused abstract to rework my thesis around. And an outline. And this morning, I receive this:

"I am not sure how the abstract your sent relates to the MP draft I read. Please explain. You have already done quite a lot of work on a literature review. I asked you to try to make your project more linear,to give it some structure, some bones. What you suggest is essentially an entirely new project, or is it?"

Are you just trying to fuck with my head now??? Are you?? Do you see the TITLE?? That would be the "point" that you so sweetly asked for last time we met. Do you see that outline, with all those nicely (and linearly, I might add) laid out "bones"?? Those are my current project, not a new one. The current one, in a nice linear, boney package for you. (With no gratuitous connections...just a few necessary ones....thank you MW :)).

I swear to you, that when I received that email, all I could think was FUCK IT! Take your fucking Master's degree and shove it up your ass! This is getting SO old. I cannot even tell you. And I'm really starting to feel like she already had decided what I would write and is going to keep being a psychotic until its exactly what she had preconceived in her head.



Before I got that email I actually had a nice random Wednesday post simmering, but now I've lost most of it to piss. But here's one:

I've been mildly obsessed with these colorful healthy lunches for a while and yesterday she posted some great links. I spent too much of yesterday surfing. But it inspired me to pick up Little A her very own Hello Kitty Bento (2 actually, I couldn't choose!) and pack her up this lunch. The top are rice stars (onigiri) stuffed with a Broccoli/Veggie Beef saute with peanut sauce. Little A already tried these and went complete nuts for them. I made her 2 big ones for dinner last night. In the heart tin are kiwi and pomegranate surrounded by cucumbers and carrots. Sure, its a beginner bento, but I know she'll love it. She's a really healthy eater if I actually have enough time and motivation to get it together for her. And her lunches have been pretty healthy, but not nearly so cute. I can't wait to hear her reaction after school!


Blogger KnitnZu said...

Can you make my lunch too???

4:02 PM  
Blogger Chris said...

Aw, please put me on your lunch list, too! My advisor for my first MS was totally like that - back and forth and back and forth and back and forth and... You get the picture. I think my time in Basic Training and then the National Guard was probably my best prep for grad school - a strange numb patience... :) Hang in there!

8:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've just handed up an honours thesis which turned out a little insipid. My supervisor had pretty much decided what I was doing from the start. Which was fine at the start, because I was a little at a loss, but by halfway through I had realised I couldn't write what he had in mind - I just couldn't.

Three agonising chapters and about 5 panicked re-writes later, I gave up and wrote what I wanted to, with the result that the end product didn't have much supervision and could have been much better than it was. I wish now that I'd just said to him 'no, that isn't what I had in mind at all. And it's completely unfair of you to keep hijacking my thesis - if you want to write about the second Cold War, do it yourself. Oh right, you already did, that was your Master's topic. So leave mine ALONE.'

Nevermind, lesson learned.

8:49 PM  

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