Thursday, October 12, 2006

Tighty whities

And now, for your pure enjoyment, I give you this look at The World of Little A and her cronies:

Friend: I got Little A in trouble at school today.
Me: Really, how?
Friend: Well, she kept tapping me on the arm and I didn't look up and she kept tapping and then the teacher saw her and told her "you are disrupting my teaching and her learning".
Me: Oh my .
Little A: Well, I was trying to tell her that I could see Jesse's underwear.
Me: Annnnd, that couldn't have waited until lunch?
Little A: I might have forgotten!!!!
Me: Tragic.
Friend: I always see Jesse's underwear. He wears tighty whities.
Little A: What are tighty whities?
Friend: You our underwear is tight, tighty whities are like that, but white all over with BIG GRAY STRAPS.
Little A: Ewwwww!

Please men and boys, I implore you, don't let the big gray straps on your tighty whities get slack or hang out of your pants because then 8-year old girls will be giggling and ewwing about you forever.

I packed little A another little lunch today:

It included a little starry note about what a star she is. :) There's a rice star, star shaped apple slices with peanut butter in the middle, pomegranate, salad (lettuce...salad means lettuce to Little A) with a little container of balsamic vinaigrette (the only dressing she'll ever eat), and star shaped dill havarti. Yum.

Tomorrow I'm hoping will be Finished Object Friday. Trying to get my act together for Christmas so I'm going to see if I can post some finished object every Friday. Ha! You'll have to forgive me if I start to consider ONE sock a finished object.


Blogger KnitnZu said...

Seriously, make my lunch, please? (said with a minor whine). My son went through and out of and back into and out and now back into a phase of ume plum vinegar and extra virgin olive oil, mostly on his pasta. Lettuce=salad around here too. And I've just gotten him (at nearly 11) to start wearing underwear at all...though he went through a tighty whitey phase for a few months when he was around 8, now it's boxers.

6:57 PM  
Blogger Chris said...

Male persons, just go straight to boxers and forego the tighty whities...

Damn, those lunches are adorable!! Good thing I don't live near you - I would push Little A down and steal her lunch. ;)

7:40 PM  
Blogger SO said...

OMFG!! Is that really what little A eats?? You are so lucky, and such a good Mommy for raising her to like those foods!! I'm a bad Mommy. Kailee's lunch today consisted of a Bologna sandwich, light pringles, chocolate pudding and a bottle of water. That is the only thing she'll eat for lunch (from home). Good job V!!

I love the mittens and I love the tighty whity story!! lol.

9:22 AM  

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