Monday, September 25, 2006

Sleepy Monday mornings.

I'm not a fan of Monday morning. Especially when Little A wakes me up for no particular reason 15 minutes before my alarm goes off. I *NEED* those 15 minutes damnit!

I'm so sleepy that I may have left the wrong comment on someone's blog this morning. I'm not sure, but I left a comment, and it doesn't seem to be in its place, so if you got a totally random, nonsensical comment from me this morning...well, it was you. Sorry. That's when I stopped leaving comments this morning.

I'm on my third cup of coffee and still procrastinating the thesis read-over for today. Which brings me to:

(Before you wonder...the sides are very equal, once again my haphazard photographic skills make me look like a big terd...that's all)

I actually finished something this weekend! Which is amazing considering my level of startitis as compared to my level of finishophobic. I made this for L's new baby, who is all of 3 months now...and it had better still fit. I think I have one more baby gift to finish off, and then, THAT'S IT! No more babies! Yeah right...certain bloggers are conspiring...I know they are!

Here is my start on the mother of all blankets:

I didn't get a huge amount done due to my panic that L's baby would be growing out of the outfit that I made him. It's a good enough start though, and it makes me happy. There are several singles hanging around as well. Much like a nap would. No, less than a nap would. But still good.

Still whoring for yarn! Thanks to everyone who emailed me so far to help! Without these knitters, my blanket would facing stand still WAY too soon!


Blogger Chris said...

I was shocked at how few bits of leftover DK I had. Lots of sock yarn...

9:51 PM  

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