Thursday, September 21, 2006

Random Friday (Aka Sock Nazi)

I did 3 (actually 4, but one proved to be too big) little squares for the blanket last night and found that I only need lengths of 10-12 yards. I changed the original post, but it seemed like it was worth mentioning. I realized last night, just how little of my stash is DK or sport weight. ACK! I REALLY need the knitterly help out there!

Next Tuesday morning, I have a meeting with my advisor about the thesis. I am SO looking forward to this meeting. The anticipation is welling up in me like a drunken, sleeping, sloth, let me tell yuh. She'll have read the whole stinkin' thing by then. I, on the other hand, have not even glanced at it since I sealed the envelope. Sure, I have excuses...muscles, endocrine glands, nervous tissue....but sadly, knowing my advisor she still, for some odd reason, will expect me to know what I wrote. Crazy bitch. (Just kidding...I love her dearly...she may even get a pair of socks at the end of this ordeal.)

Still reading way too much anatomy. It's making me think that knitting models of muscles is a fabulous idea (which should lend some insight into my current mental state). I could send them to Knitty! Hell...if they liked the uterus doll, just think how they'll drool over my knitted likeness of gluteus maximus. Maybe it could be a hat. Butthead.


My package for the Knitflix swap is nearly ready. Just one more little element and it will be off to Jen, my partner and the lovely hostess of Knitflix!


Little A has been sort should I say this? She's been sort of like a....

Hormonal howler monkey with the patience of a hungry fruit fly and the temper of a bear from whom you've stolen reeces peanut butter cups.

I was explaining this situation to L and she said, "Do you think she's going to get her period soon?"
Crazy bitch! Yeah, and I love her dearly too, but there will be no socks for that comment.


I went to vote the other day. Yeah, I'm a good fucking citizen. That and I vote at Little A's school. It's so convenient that I would feel like a major lame-ass if I didn't. The lady at the entrance desk spent a good 5 minutes finding my name. She then yells out "DEMOCRAT!" Kind of like "Burger with fries, Up!" or "Vomit in aisle 7!" or "It's Alive!"

It was odd. I mean, I don't really try to disguise my political leanings and I was there to vote in a democratic primary, but it just seemed strange for her to yell it out to the entire room. Maybe I'll just wear a button next that the cop can start eyeing me to see if I have a bag of weed hanging out of my pocket the moment I cross the threshold instead of wasting all that time waiting for her to find my name.

Crazy Bitch. Defintely no socks for you.


I'm so incredibly slow on the uptake, that I, just yesterday, figured out how to have bloglines take care of my blogroll instead of manually inserting all the damn html onto the template page. My apologies for my previous assitude to those of you who I have read for ages, but never got around to htmling for you.

Have a lovely weekend.


Blogger Chris said...

Whoa, Little A, period?! That would be a major adjustment...

Hope the advisor meeting goes well - maybe if you take a Butthead hat for your advisor?! ;)

8:13 AM  
Blogger V said...

I'll report back to you on the advisor deserving a butthead hat or not! Lol!

7:00 AM  

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