Tuesday, June 06, 2006

I'm slow on the uptake, ok?

AGES ago, Stella tagged me for this meme. Sadly, at the time, I was absent blogger, but I am now here to fulfill my taggily obligations and attempt to prove that I'm not the piss poor bloggie buddy that I seem to be lately. And so....

I am not sure I know what I want. I am not sure that I know where I'm going.
I want to feel secure and safe.
I wish I could let go of grudges against certain people. I wish I had the guts to confront other people.
I hate seeing Little A unhappy, small talk, the fact that people don't regularly waltz (etc...any ballroom dancing would make me happy...I just want to go to those old parties...) anymore, my tendency to let things mold in the refrigerator for months, losing trust...more and more as I get older...I thought it would be the opposite.
I miss not having had selfish time in between college and motherhood.
I fear not being a good enough mother. I fear that I may fall apart the day that Little A stops thinking that I rock the world.
I hear too much. I like me some silence.
I wonder if I'd be alive if I hadn't had Little A....to ground me and give me perspective on the melo-drama of life.
I regret few things. I'm not a regretter. I prefer worrying about the future to regretting the past.
I am not a good liar, even though there are times that it would be really handy if I had developed that skill.
I dance to the 80's. Who doesn't? Oh and only in the privacy of my own living room.
I sing with Little A, a lot. I love her voice.
I cry. Yes, I sure do, and fairly often.
I am not always as nice as I should/want to be.
I make with my hands whatever I possibly can. Ask Roo...she's heard my latest retarded plan to build a spinning wheel with a dremmel!
I write with more ease than I speak, especially in front of groups.
I confuse N, apparently.
I need more time, more sleep, more yarn.
I should be more patient, kinder, and less jugdmental, to start.
I start thinking about quitting my job every morning when I open the door to my office.
I finish most things, eventually. The key word there being eventually, not finish.

Ummm, and since I'm slow on the uptake, I feel like everyone has done this one? If you haven't, you are thus tagged.


Blogger Lisa said...

Great list, lady! I can relate to the I fear and the I dance. :-)

6:18 PM  
Blogger Chris said...

That's a wonderful list, V! And I dance around to "Pop! Goes the World" in my living room on a regular basis. :)

10:03 PM  
Blogger mama_tulip said...

I like this. I especially like that you sing with Little A. I love singing with Julia...it's just *good*, you know?

10:50 PM  
Anonymous stells said...


im so glad you got around tot his!!! i was beginning to think we may have lost you.

i was hoping the 'meme' might be a refreshing distraction from all the emotional transitions youve been going thru. i hope you are doing better!!!

11:30 PM  

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