Monday, October 24, 2005

What are they gonna rebel against???

Little A had her little friend B over on Friday afternoon. This is what we do almost EVERY Friday afternoon. I like it for Little A, but it gets a bit annoying for me at times. I don't really adore this particular friend of hers. She makes me feel old because I find it totally unbelievable how little respect this kid has. And the sad thing, is that I know she's not really THAT bad, no matter how much she irks me.
For a minute on Friday, I wondered if I was just resentful...that I had to be on super-behavior and basically perfection girl when I visited friends as a child. And if I hadn't been, there would be no more visits. End of story. I really wondered....maybe I'm just pissed that these kids don't even bother to try to stay in line when I had to walk the straight and narrow. But that's not what irks me so much. There's two things really.
The first is this complete lack of gratitude that I get from B. And her parents who are always willing to let B spend 4-5 hours at our house every Friday, but never invite Little A over. On Friday, B asked what we were having for dinner. I told them that I bought pizza at the store (yuh know...freezer pizza) and B informs me that she only likes pizza that you order. Hello? Too bad kid. Go home for dinner. And this is basically her outlook on life. That I'm (and anyone else) there to fulfill her demands. Little A is not like this. And I do NOT want her picking it up.
And then there is just the complete lack of respect. With the mouth already at seven years old. SEVEN?!? As far as I knew, I thought this mouthy behavior was for adolescence....easily blamed on hormonal insanity and trying to form one's identity. But already, at SEVEN? I mean, what are these kids going to do when the do reach adolescence? How are they going to define themselves if they are already so detached/disrespectful of their own parents? Are they going to get worse? Better? Will the transition be easier if they aren't under the thumb of anyone? Or will it lead to more extreme rebellion? I'd rather have Little A rebel and decide that she doesn't want to play tennis anymore, than to give her her own way now, all the time, and have her rebel by joining a girl gang.
The end of this story is that I'm terrified of adolescence. And a kid who is a brat at 7 makes me worry even more.


Anonymous roo said...

What a little twerp!

Do you think you could do some kind of the old switcheroo with Little A's friends, the way you wanted to do with Pumpkin? "Oh, yes, little A, this is the *new* B. Isn't she nicer?"

I definitely wouldn't keep on feeding her. You know what they say about feeding the bears...

8:37 AM  
Blogger Melanie said...

ugh v! i totally know where you are coming from! we've had kids like that here too. and it just blows my mind!

the other day we had a playdate with a little girl who had incredible (good) manners and i thought THANK GOODNESS! it does exsist! it restored my faith! i think its the parents. not the kids. the children only know what they are taught. the fact that little A has not been invited to little Bs house speaks volumes for what the parents are thinking.

9:09 AM  
Blogger V said...

heehee roo! i'm working on the replacement! i wonder if she'll realize that i'm so much happier when she talks about her new little friend. and she did declare S her best friend the other day. and i asked....what happened to B? and she said, "Well, I still like her, but she squeezes me too hard when she hugs me!" haha! tough standars in our house!
wow must've had like the *3* polite kids in NJ in your house that day! :)

1:14 PM  
Anonymous roo said...

This reminds me of your worry after taking Little A to Veggietales, not realizing the veggies weren't just cute animated broccoli and the like, but also Evangelical Christian propagandists!

I'll never forget you telling me about your relief when Little A turned to you and said, "That movie was weird, Mommy."

10:14 PM  

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