Friday, October 21, 2005

Casual Friday

Sometimes I think that I might take that term a little too seriously. I look like CRAP today. I left the house convinced that if I had to be out in public today, I'd look "sporty", like I'd just got out of the gym. Then when I got here, I looked down. I'm wearing my pajamas from last night, but their lounge pants so they are ok. I have a tank top, but no bra, so I covered up with a long sleeve zip-up thing. It's dirty. And I think stinky. And I just spilled coffee on it. I look like a bag lady today. But then, I really don't care. My horrid appearance didn't even illicit an odd look from the boss, much less any comment. Everyone here looks like crap.
So this week I've been a finishing maniac! Well, at least I feel like one! I finished glove #1 for N, and I think I should be able to finish glove #2 today. Same with the ugly socks for my crazy sister. I should stop calling them ugly. They really aren't. I just keep imagining them on my pale, hairy leg, and then they just look really manly. But crazy sister will like them. She only ever wears hiker boots, so they'll be perfect. Sport weight socks fly, man! It's fun!
Now, even though I pretend like I haven't started anything new, and I've been a model finisher all week, It's all a lie. ALLLLLLL lies! I started little socks for L's baby boy. He's got the chubbiest feet, I just couldn't resist making him some socks. And I started yet another variation for a magazine submission that I'm trying to get together. And well I obviously started N's gloves (3 times), and I started the "free bag", which you'll be thrilled to see, I'm sure. I also did a tiny little work-up of a hat I have an idea for, but to my credit, I did NOT make an entire hat. Or even cast one on. It was just a little experiment, I swear!
I PROMISE to take a multitude of pictures this weekend of all of these things.
I went to Thursday Night knitting last night for about an hour. There was a new lap-top man, but since he didn't take over the entire area, the girls just all sat around him and closed him in. He was inoffensive, and I'm sure to this poor guy, we may have been a little intimidating. We did have him completely trapped in the corner after all!
Thursday night knitting is just not the same without M. I still enjoy, but I actually have to put effort into being sociable now and its not nearly as relaxing. S is always giving me weird looks, and almost everything she says annoys me. I like talking to D, but I don't want to be a jerk and ignore everyone else. There's a new regular, B, who just makes me want to turn my needles on myself. So, it's just not quite the fun it was before. And that makes me very sad. And guilty that I'd rather just knit at home most Thursday nights. And the guilt will probably make me stick it out a while longer. Maybe it will get better again? Maybe M will quit her job! Haha. Sigh.... It was such an oasis for me for a while.
N and I have decided that we are going to start to diet on Monday. He's doing slim-fast (ick) and I'm going back to my tried and true French diet. Or at least my version of it. It always works, and the pure volume of vegetable that I eat makes me feel very healthy and fresh. The two will work out ok together because we will still be able to have dinners together. But we'll see. Neither of us are the most consistent people in the world about these things! But my jeans are beggin' me, so I'm gonna have to make an effort.
Little A has had a great week. Her audition for Junior Dance Team seemed to go very well. Especially for one so young. She'll find out if she made it on Monday, and I have a feeling that the teacher is taking all the girls. I was talking about this with L and we both agreed that the first thing that kids audition for, should be something they get into. It would take SO much stress out of the auditioning later in life to have that basis. On Tuesday, she had her new little friend S over. They are too cute together and I hope they are as thick as thieves for years to come. Wednesday she got to see L and the baby, and we kidnapped them right over to M's house. That combination of people almost made her head explode with joy. Yesterday she seemed tired so we just relaxed, played and watched a little tv before her dad came to pick her up. He was surly about the fact that he had to handle homework that night. Yeah, poor guy. Has to go through the homework ritual ONCE a week. ONCE. I do it the other 5 and he gets surly about once. Dork ass. Tonight, Little A is having her other little friend B over. She's our Friday thing. And I am going to crash tonight after all of this. My daughters social life is going to be the end of me!
Apparently, tomorrow, N and I are going to a Vegetarian Festival. It was his idea. HIS idea, in case you didn't get that. We made a pact to remind each other to not wear leather. I'm going for the free food sampling. Heehee! I wish I was a little more excited about it. But I'm a lazy vegetarian, and I imagine, pretty offensive to the zealous ones. And I don't want to spend the afternoon feeling defensive. But there's free food, and it was my boy's big effort to take me somewhere that's more "me" than "him", so off we go. Keep the red paint off the jacket. It's fake fur.


Blogger Melanie said...

lmao v!!! good for n!!!! now hes gettin it! (although you dont sound TOO excited about it!) :) it was a good effort of his part! :) have fun!

8:36 AM  
Blogger BC said...

I laughed my ass off at your description of your "casual friday" attire!

Toooooo funny!!!

Your blog rocks!

12:38 PM  

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