Monday, October 17, 2005

Stage Mom

Little A has an audition tonight for "Junior Dance Team." She's a year too young and landed in this class because of scheduling. This weekend, we spent almost two hours at home trying to go over her two routines for the audition, and I was very annoyed to feel like I was on the verge of becoming stage mom. I want her to do well, but for her. But I suspect she's just a little too young for this class. And I don't want her to feel disappointed. And I really don't want her to start to dislike dance because it seems to hard for her.
Little A is never too fond of things she finds challenging. Being a bright girl and a fast learner, most things come very easily for her, so she doesn't have to deal with much of the frustration that comes from really having to work at something. But I'd like her to have a *little* of that. Just so she'll learn that it's good to have to work at something, and to feel that pride of mastering something that seemed so difficult.
But its a tough line for me to walk. One little sidestep in either direction and I feel like I'm pushing her too hard, or that I might let her give up on something that she loves just because of a little frustration. I tend to lean toward pushing because I think its good for her. And because I don't want her to become that smart kid that just doesn't have a clue when they actually have to put in a little effort. And becomes a burn-out. But then I feel like a stage-mom. Ick. Again, that's ick. These are the days that I feel like a completely clueless mom.


Anonymous MW said...

YOU know you are an AMAZING mom!
it is a rather tricky line! I think you are doing great. you are very aware of that line and doing the best you can to walk it! believe me, I'VE seen stage moms, you are NOWHERE near it! I think you should keep reminding her that you dont care about the just want her to try HER hardest at anything she does.
you're doing great! :)

7:08 AM  
Blogger V said...

Thanks MW! It's nice to hear....though I tell yuh...I always get worried about how it feels to her...yuh know? Maybe I don't think I'm pushing too much....but she feels all this pressure. It's hard to know how these things feel to other people. How do you deal with it with K? Though she seems really self-motivated....did you do that? lol....or was it magic or something??

7:37 AM  
Anonymous mw said...

it was magic or something! haha! she is the most motivated kid i've ever seen. sometimes i try to slow her down a bit, for fear of HER pushing HERSELF too hard...which can be just as thin of a line as the opposite way.

8:51 AM  

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