Monday, October 17, 2005

Good Night and Good Luck

This would seem to be the appropriate exchange between N and I at about 6:30 each night.
V: Good night.
N: Good luck.
N's been falling asleep insanely early several nights this week. I can come up with many explanations for this behavior, but they are all dull. Dull, dull, dull. The only funny thing about it, is that N is a guy who used to stay out (regularly) to 6:30 AM. It's fine with me. It means that I don't have to watch so many crime show during my knitting in the evenings, and maybe that means that the frequent nightmares and just plain tiring dreams I've been having will slow down. So, at approximately 6:30, N sets off to dreamland, and I set off to attempting finish SOMETHING.
What I've forgotten to say, is that I *DID* finish something! But didn't get a picture yet (sorry SO!). I finished my pin-up queen. It's very nice, soft and comfortable. So, I'm pleased. Though when I put it on, I was annoyed by the arms. I wore it all day and then realized that I was just annoyed by arms in general. I want summer back. I want to wear tank-tops everyday. My arms (and more specifically, my pits) do not like to be confined. Don't ask me why. They don't like cloth on them, and they fling themselves to the top of my head while I sleep. Maybe they didn't get proper training in my newborn days. That aside, I love the sweater. And when New England winter hits, I'll love it even more.
This weekend I also made a lot of progress on L's second sock. From cuff to 1/4 way through the foot. I'm swimming along on it. I worked on several other things intermittently....and knit too much.... "What could that possibly mean?" you might ask. Well, I knit until my right wrist was killing me, and I went to sleep with it nestled under N's side for the pressure and body heat. It feels better today, but still a little tired.
The weekend was really good. I had a sleep-over with Little A on Saturday night (which just means I let her sleep with me....little fart-bomb that she is!). And she declared me the best mommy in the whole world when I made hot cocoa and told her we could watch a short movie together before we slept. So easy to please.
I was about to crack my window when N called and asked if I had seen a sketchy guy standing outside my window. After a lot of confusion, I did see someone. N was already outside, so he went over and talked to the guy for a minute. He wasn't rude or anything and I was really glad he did talk to the guy....I think it made him understand that he was being watched, whatever he was doing, he was not invisible. And being watched by N is not something one would take lightly. N is a big guy (yum) and even though he's a pussy cat, can *look* mean. The guy turned out to seem innocent....Supposedly waiting for a friend to come out of the building, but it was nice to feel protected and safe.
On Sunday, Little A and her dad went to King Richard's Faire. I was glad that he took her. I like going, but just wasn't in the mood for it this year for some reason. N and I went to see....wait....can you guess????

That's right. We went to see "Good Night and Good Luck." Aren't you smart! It was good. Educational. Not a zone out movie. And I would've preferred a little more depth with a few of the side stories, but overall, it was a good movie. Then we tried out a Greek place for an early dinner. It was ok. I got spinach pie (I've made better) and hommos (good flavor, but not as smooth as I like). But it filled us up. I'm sure we won't be regulars there. We have far too many tasty options in our town to mess with average places. :)
Then it was about 5:00 or so. I said 'good night' to N, though I just thought that I was saying 'good nap'. I watched the Patriots lose. (In case I haven't admitted this yet, I'm a die-hard football fan....and love those rare Sundays when I can veg out and watch an entire game!) During games when the Pats lose, I feel an endless need to explain to someone that they aren't going down hill. They're just having a rough patch with injuries and whatnot. But no one cares, so I keep my defense to myself. And they were dropping like flies last night. Poor Pats. I'm sure they've forgotten how to be losers.
I woke N up for 60 minutes, but he didn't stay awake for much of it. It was lame. Topped off by lame Andy Rooney. My professor S says that anyone can be brilliant for 5 minutes. He seems to be defying this rule more every week.
And then I had some warm cider and went to bed. It was a lovely weekend. Which means my house is a mess. Right along with my scattered brains! It must be time to make a dreaded list.


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