Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Titles are for people with brains.

I'm so sleepy this morning. I woke up around 4:00AM with a tummy ache and it just kicked my arse when I tried to get up an hour later. I feel SO drained and weak today.
But I finished L's socks! And I finally settled on what I was doing for N's gloves. Now hold on, it's the most thrilling, unexpected design I could've picked. Are you ready??? Are you sure???

Yeah, I chose a straight rib after all of that. Dork. 3 x 2. But now they are quick and easy and I should be able to whip them off very quickly. I also dug out and resurrected Little A's Auntie's convertible gloves. The first one is done, so I'll get a picture of it when the picture flood comes in. It's cool. I originally started making them for myself and have days when they are still for me. But they would be a perfect Christmas gift for her, so I'm trying to be strong! And I'm REALLY trying to move these Christmas presents along. It's getting frighteningly close for the amount of people that still have half completed gifts...or no gifts! Oye! Who came up with this damn brilliant idea of knitting all the damn Christmas gifts this year anyway??? Oh, was that same dork that decided to knit all of Little A's goodie bags for her birthday party. Dork.

It's time to go back to bed. Or to starbucks. Nighty night.


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