Monday, November 20, 2006

Finished Object Twins and a lunchy catch up

I have a feeling that I'm going to be playing catch up all week. I cannot even list the ridiculous amount of stuff that I need to accomplish before Wednesday around 2, when the visitors arrive and all order goes out the window.

The finished object of the day is based on a series of mistakes made by my last Thursday night. The first mistake was that I went to a yarn store in a weakened state. The second was that I took Little A. The third was that I took Little A's best buddy. The fourth was that I said the words to two totally disinterested girls "Ooooo, feel this! It's so soft!" The fifth being that I said "Sure, pick out a color" to Little A when she requested a scarf out of the yarn. The sixth being that I said, "Okay, yeah, go pick out a color" when Little A's best buddy said, "Me too, will you make me one too!?"
The yarn is Poof by Crystal Palace yarns and is says it is 100% supersoft nylon. It truly is supersoft something! The pink one is for Little A and the blue is for buddy.

Here is a little parade of lunches and such from the past few days:

Breakfast for me: hard-boiled egg, Focaccia, and apple, asian pear and banana salad.

Lunch for Little A: Tofu/Carrot Skewers, Focaccia and Tomato Sauce for dipping, a mini-banana and a Now n Later

Lunch ala Breakfast for Little A (though I have one just like it today): Silver Dollar pancakes, Boca sausages, grapes, clementine, syrup.

And that's it for me until Wednesday. My professor moved up the deadline for everything is my A&P class which makes everything due this Saturday. Not good. Send me energy and maybe a little focus and brilliance if you can spare any!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry, I can't send you any energy or focus or brillance. I need to save it all for my paper which is due Sunday (and which I have not even begun)! Seriously though, Good Luck.

The meals you prepare look so good.

8:57 AM  
Blogger Heide said...

Love the scarves! Thank you for the info. about the swap. Today I need to plan for Thursday's meal, clean my house (which will probably be destroyed by children several times over) and shop for said meal.

9:29 AM  
Blogger Chris said...

Good luck getting everything done before your visitors descend! I've felt Poof - nice and squooshy soft.

Now I'm really hungry for some reason...

11:29 AM  
Anonymous TB said...

Good luck and Happy Thanksgiving!

7:53 PM  

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