Tuesday, October 31, 2006

And the bits came marching in.....

Today marks the official end of whoring for yarn (v1...don't be fooled into thinking there won't be a v2 when I'm not buried in Christmas knitting...suggestions welcome). On Saturday, I received these beautiful 9 bits from Jeanne.

Aren't they pretty? I'm not worthy! Thank you!!

Then on Monday, I received these nice sock yarn bits from...can you guess?

Complete with kitty card from Chris! Thanks again Chris!!

And then, I had a dose of yarny karmic rewards. I volunteered to make up a package for Stash Monkey in the KSKS swap because her partner deadbeated out. As luck would have it, karma rewarded me with a night out knitting and some wonderful yarny bits. Stash Monkey happens to live really close to meso we met up last night, and I gave her this:

Stuffed with goodies that hopefully she'll take pictures of because I forgot to. It's basically a Booga Bag made with Classic Elite Paintbox. Nice...really good felter!

And she gave me:

Thank you!

And I *THINK* that's it for the contest, unless a surprise shows up in my mailbox today. Though Tuesday's are bad mail days, so I doubt it! Thank you so much for helping with my blanket and GOOD LUCK! I'll draw the winner tomorrow and let you all know.


Blogger Chris said...

Too funny - Jeanne and I should've combined our yarny bits to mail to you! Heh, looks like you got HER extra Fun Nation, too!!

Kudos to you for being a KSKS "angel." :)

10:31 AM  
Blogger V said...

Thanks! She posted pictures, and there are really cool dpn toppers in there...go check it out! :)

8:34 AM  

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