Friday, October 20, 2006

Finished Object Friday: The Cheater Edition

I actually finished these socks months ago. For my brother, I guess. Though they might get juggled to someone else because the two of us don't hold up that Christmas gift obligation.

The thing I was going to post has now been crowned:

"Ugliest knitting project EVER with least amount of forethought and awareness about impending ugliness"

I was attempting to make this bag for my Mom, with some yarn that I recycled and dyed from a sweater. All along, I had to keep convincing myself that the dye job would work out ok. Until I was done with the unfelted bag, and it was a hideous mess. I attempted a re-dye. And made it worse. So then I thought I'd felt it. That magic of felting cures all ills, right?

No, not this time. MAYBE I'll post a picture for your amusement of my consistent stupidity along the way of this project. But not today!

(P.S. I didn't even throw away the bag yet. Somewhere in the back of my head, I think I can dye it black or charcoal and still save it. This would be the moment when you all lecture me on the value of LETTING THINGS GO.)

Little A's lunches have been a huge success with her. She comes home with her containers nearly licked clean! This was yesterday's:

Pasta (she's 1/4 Italian....we cannot deny her pasta for too long!) with butter and parmesean cheese, roasted asaparagus, strawberrie and pomegranate and a mini-cupcake. Yumyum! Is it almost lunchtime?

I've also been packing similar lunches for myself, though they aren't usually quite as cute so I wasn't taking pictures. But dude, I lost 4 Lbs in the past two week and all I changed is the breakfast/lunch packing. Woo-hoo!


Blogger Chris said...

Ok, I MUST see a picture of the bag. I mean, how can we advise you otherwise??

So cuter lunches are healthier lunches. Hmm.

1:28 PM  
Blogger V said...

Oye. It might hurt your eyes! I stopped felting sort of mid-felt because it was just going NOWHERE, but I'll take a picture of it for Monday. As if Monday's aren't bad enough! :)

1:49 PM  
Blogger Jeanne said...

I agree with Chris...I don't give advice without seeing what we are starting with. That being said, I'm sure it's fixable...

2:17 PM  
Anonymous lisa said...

We ALL want a picture of that BAG!!! How bad can it be? There IS a point where some things are just more work than they are worth...but cheapskate that I am, I tend to hang onto a lot, thinking, maybe some day, some idea, some thing, can come of this! OK, let's call it creative stockpiling instead. lunch...not much in the fridge...ran home w/ a co worker to let her raid the costume stuff in the attic (including some crazy silk dresses?shirts? from the 60's that somebody recently gave me...some wild indian/nehru type tunics...the cut up "medusa" dress and more) what did I have for lunch? PB and FLUFF, not just some FLUFF, but too much FLUFF. But I had a glass of organic milk, so it wasn't ALL bad? Right?

7:59 PM  
Blogger SO said...

Yummy lunch!!!

Little A doesn't mind eating cold pasta and asparagus???

WTG on the 4 lbs weightloss. I think I gained that over the last two weeks from halloween candy and cookies I've been baking at home to keep the house warm until the new furnace is fully installed!!

8:57 AM  

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