Friday, December 02, 2005

(Just a little)Picture Day at T-23 Days

So which one won? Can you guess?

Well, it's sad but true, but the right one, not only WON, but lapped the left one:

N has been sort of drooling over these ever since I started them. I know he wants a pair, but hasn't admitted it quite yet!
And I still managed to finish these a couple of days later:

Let's ignore the fact that they look like completely different socks? Ok? My dad will see blue. That's it. And so shall I.

JDad's Slipper socks are making swift progress and J1's scarf much less swift progress. Sorry I don't have pictures of them today. That lack of progress had nothing to so with this: (I swear!)

I just really needed a scarf. REALLY! I did. And well, you walk into a yarn store, touch the Misti Baby Alpaca and let's see YOU walk out without it. I will not be mocked. (Well, I probably will be, but I'll still have my Baby Alpaca to keep me warm.)
This skein turned into this, about 2 hours after I got home with it. It's bulky so it went fast.

And finally, this would be JMom, sporting the hoodie that I made her for her birthday. It's knit WRONG, but she loved it anyway. It fit perfectly and she gratified me all during the long Thanksgiving weekend and wore it everyday. She desevered it. But I knew she would.

So here is where my life list stands now:
Little A's Blankie (this is actually crochet)
My crazy sister's L's socks (Casting on today for Chicken Little at the Theater)
JDad's socks slippers (1 and 1/2 done, 1/2 to go))
J1's socks Griffindor scarf (1/3 done)
J2's socks slippers
MC's chessboard (1/2 done, but I'll post picture and pattern when it's done)
S's gloves
Roo's something (Roo reads here, I can't SAY, but it's 1/3 done)
T's Washclothes (got 1, still need 1)
B's baby something (still yet to be chosen)
And another something to M & B's baby (which will also not be disclosed since he reads here sometimes, but it's about 1/3 done too!)
Promised kitty to Little A's friend who has a Birthday on 12/5
Hat or something for Little A's dad. Maybe hat and scarf. Another tortorous December Birthday.
Nephew's hat - Done!!!
Neices's hat and socks (she's got a birthday December 28th!) - Done!!!
Brother's Socks - Done
Dad's socks- Done


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