Friday, December 02, 2005

And finally I have a brain again.

Sort of. It's still stuffed with boogies, but there is hope that I will now be able to string together sentences. The hope comes from this: I just emailed the submissions off to Knit.1 (which if you haven't picked it up yet, you should! It's great! Its published by Vogue but I think the patterns are a little more, uh....street fashion I guess, as opposed to runway fashion. I love Vogue knitting, but sometimes the patterns are a little too....well, let's just say I'd have to be the anorexic model that I am NOT in order to pull them off. Anyway....this statement has now exceeded the legal limit of what should be contained with parenthesis, so I'll stop.)
So Knit.1 now has 8 designs (4 sets) by me. And I need to forget about this RIGHT AWAY. I'm not really good with people evaluating me. I have a tender little ego that sways between thinking I can do everything and thinking I suck and can't do anything. And one little rejction tends to sway me to the sucky side.
That's why I hedged my bets. I sent *8*. If I sent 1, well, I'd be sure of rejection, but I sent *8*, so I'm hoping that at least one of them is up to snuff. I felt good doing them, but now that they are out there in the un-known world of evaluation, well.....
But wait, I have pictures, so we'll just move onto a long-procrastinated Picture Day, shall we? Be forewarned, my pictures kind of suck this week. I was busy taking pictures of some other things!


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