Thursday, November 17, 2005

Picture Day: T minus five weeks, Progress and a giant pile of crap

The enormous pile of crap will not be seen. But let's just say that I knit my little fingers off yesterday, trying to finish one of the submissions, and well, it's just the enormous pile of crap I'm saying it is. It was so pretty in theory. So very pretty. And such an enormous pile of crap in reality. It made me moody. I don't really deal with failure well.

Luckily, casting-on makes me feel better. And I cast on many a thing! The first was the second of these socks:

And for a stranger view:

In case you are wondering, the above socks are now for JMom, and these:

are for my niece. We won't discuss the politics involved in this decision. Suffice to say, 14 years old, 30-something years old.

I also cast on a couple of the guy's socks. And typical of guys, these two are in a heated competition to the toe:

The one on the left is for my brother, the one on the right, my dad. Of course, when the one on the right is done, it will complete this pair:

(No comments on a wonky picture please. I was quite delirious and tired when I took that one!) The one on the left will:

Complete a whole lot of nothing. Let's hope it's Buddhist enough to be complete in and of itself and not hop a plane to Colorado to go looking for its mate.

I also cast on, AND COMPLETED:

my nephew's hat. It was thanks to Mary Poppins. I also decided that these:

are now for his mom.

And that this:

will be for my niece's December birthday (and not for me :( ). Because that make that little nuclear family done and that gives me more satisfaction than it should.

I ventured into the world of Double knitting, and after ripping out un-educated attempts a mere 8 times, I finally got a Griffindor scarf going for J1:

Think fast!

It's reversible. How cool is that! Little A campaigns for one everytime I get it out. Speaking of Little A....she completed her very first knitting project:

Hussy Swan Barbie was cold. We try to not mention that it's tied TIGHT, like a noose, lest she take it off and ruin our secret chortles.

Wait, casting on....THAT's what we were talking about. I started these socks for JDad, this is just the cuff:

Have I mentioned that JDad is a giant? Here they are next to JMom's socks:

Makes you wonder about their kids, eh? And how they have them???

Nonono, they aren't really socks. I'm a big liar. They are these. Felted slippers. They'll shrink. I promise. I'm making a pair for J2 also. Hoping I can find a Darth Vader patch or something to put on them to make them cool.

And last, but not least, the luxury knitting:

Is still sadly sitting in the exile bag. Though the enormous pile of crap almost made me dive into that bag without looking back.

So now, my Christmas list looks like this:
Little A's Blankie (this is actually crochet)
My crazy sister's L's socks
JDad's socks slippers (cast on, and just started)
J1's socks Griffindor scarf (1/4 done)
J2's socks slippers
Dad's socks (got 1 and 1/2, still need 1/2)

Brother's Socks (1/2 one done, 1/2 to go)
MC's chessboard (got it started, but I'll post picture and pattern when it's done)
S's gloves
Roo's something (Roo reads here, I can't SAY!)
T's Washclothes (got 1, still need 1)
B's baby something (still yet to be chosen)
And another something to M & B's baby (which will also not be disclosed since he reads here sometimes!)
Promised kitty to Little A's friend who has a Birthday on 12/5
Hat or something for Little A's dad. Maybe hat and scarf. Another tortorous December Birthday.
Nephew's hat - Done!!!
Neices's hat and socks (she's got a birthday December 28th!) - Done!!!


Blogger SO said...

WOW V! You ARE amazing!!

Are you adding little tags to everything you made? Like "made with love by V...."

I hope so!!!

10:53 AM  
Blogger Melanie said...

omg! im NEVER going to be able to do this! lol! you rock v!!!!!!

11:36 AM  
Anonymous roo said...

Rock on!

I'm so happy you're posting more...
missed you.

7:25 PM  

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