Friday, September 23, 2005

Thursday Night Knitting Report 9/22

There's a really annoying guy infiltrating our Thursday night knitting. He doesn't knit, he just sits in our spot (really the only spot that can accommodate a large group without it being totally awkward) all by himself, with his lap-top. LTM (Lap-Top-Man) hasn't a clue in the world as far as I can tell.
He talks to us on occasion. He told M and I before everyone got there that he found us "intimidating" last week. Then proceeded to try to suck up (? I guess that was the intent) by telling us that he had been telling any and all knitters about us. Later I heard him say to a newer girl that this was the second week that he had been trapped over there behind us. Then later still, breaks into a light conversation about appeasing test graders in the USA with patriotic and pro-capitalism BS, and turns it into a full on discussion of economics. I find him to be very annoying. He just ooozes "I don't get it." M and I asked him if he knit, knowing full well he must not since he never removes his hands from his laptop, except maybe to put them down his pants. His response was, "No, I enjoy being heterosexual". BLEH!
Later, when A came in, she told us that someone had posted on our Stitch 'n Bitch board:
"Tee Hee!
During some subway knitting on the T this afternoon I encountered a man who could not refrain from mentioning the W group's existence to me ("I know," I wanted to say, but I kept my mouth shut.)
Furthermore (and this is where it gets *really* funny) he said that he says "as far away as possible from that group of women". Why? Because you intimidate him!
He then tried to chat me up like an idiot. I changed seats.
Ha, ha, ha! Way to go ladies!!"
So, in the course of one day, two men had declared us intimidating.
Let me describe this intimidating group to you for a moment. We range in size, usually from about 5-12 people. Usually all women, though sometimes there is one guy there with his girlfriend. We knit. We talk. About our week, yarn, kids, cats, yarn, jobs, yarn, etc... We show and tell our latest completed project and ask any and all questions that we might have about current or future ones. I know, it sounds ultimately terrifying. Blair Witch was nothing compared to us.
I just find it so amazing that men are so endlessly intimidated by groups of women, as I know this is not the first time that this scenario has arisen. Is it the undeniable fact that men are not needed in this gathering? Is it that they know the strength of numbers and women just should not possess any strength, be it thru numbers or otherwise? Is it just the reality of seeing and hearing the life that women carry on...that men often times completely ignore? What it is? I'm truly curious. And it seems almost self-indulgent. In the same way that Little A used to get so annoyed when I would talk to anyone else and constantly interrupt (when she was 3!), it's almost seems as if these men need to make sure the focus is still directly on them. "Oh no! There's a group of women in the corner that are not paying any attention to me, and couldn't care less whether I'm here or not. It's so intimidating. Come and pay attention to me before my manhood crumbles." I really don't think that men need to be this pathetic. To think that a small group of women, engaging in one of the most docile and even "womanly" activities, is seen as intimidating is just an absurdity. And if it is any of the above reasons, all I have to say is, "Buck up buddy. We are strong. We have full lives with or without men. We don't really care if your sitting there in the corner jerking off because we've got socks to conquer. But we (generally) come in peace, and there's no reason to project your fears on us."


Anonymous roo said...

I think it's funny how that one guy keeps coming back every time you girls get together, to sit with his laptop and try to get you to notice him. If you intimidate him so much, why does he go there when he knows you'll all be there, and why does he tell everyone about you?

His laptop is probably the closest contact he's had with a real, live woman in years...

9:48 PM  
Blogger V said...

Heehee. It's funny because he's stupid. :)

8:50 AM  
Anonymous roo said...


12:34 AM  

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