Friday, September 09, 2005

the 'rents.

They always called anything out of the ordinary a "spell". Could be an evening spent around a camp fire. Could be an epileptic fit. So it seems that anything worth writing seems like it would involve quite a spell...a man spell? a cooking spell? a knitting spell? a tantruming spell? a spell for hexing? (mua-ha-ha) they all seem good.
I've had a headache spell for the past two days, so naturally I thought a little more screen-time might help out. I'm trying to turn any energy that follows the headache into weekend motivation. So many projects to finish. And those will come....
I'm terribly irritable, so after this very brief and completely vague introduction, it's now time to have some knitting and tea.


Anonymous roo said...

Bubble, bubble....

By the pricking of my thumbs, something Vicked this way comes!


12:19 AM  

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