Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Yarnaholic confessions (the first of many)

So this morning, in between gulps of coffee, I'm working fast and furiously on JMom's hoodie. Yeah, Christmas is still ages away and I've only got the sleeves and 1/4 of the front left, BUT I plan to go to Target with M tonight. And they've got the $1 yarn. Whoopity-doo! So....I'm trying to make some good progress on at least one of these huge projects I've got going to alieve a little of my yarn guilt. Because I do plan to buy. Make no mistake. Not sure where I'll put it. Target will probably get a little more of my money with a few storage bins....hopefully they're not to ugly.
I'm also making dinner for M and S while S and Little A try to do their homework together. I'm sure this will work out very well....? I went to Russo's last night to shop for dinner, but I'm not really convinced of my menu yet. I've changed it three times already. I have a feeling this shopping expedition is not going to be a short one, so I may have to go quick and yummy. I wanted to make gnocchi, but homemade pasta isn't usually the right choice for a quick meal. Ah well.
Need to knit. Still way too much guilt!

And the morning after?
I gots the yarn! I got like 25 balls of the Target $1 yarn. YAY! Several will be for the little doggies I'm knitting neices and nephews for hey! when you can get a christmas gift for a guilt about that!


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