Tuesday, April 15, 2008


To get back to blogging. Dang. The only things I'm more behind in are email and bloglines. I believe I have been a shitty communicator the past couple of months. And now I've got one whole hour to try to catch up. ONE WHOLE HOUR. Wow....that should get one blog post and my bloglines down to about 2300. Doh! It doesn't help that Little A is always trying to get on my computer as much as I am lately. Those darn webkinz.

So anywho, what brings a blog back to life better then a contest? (Besides frequent posting I mean.) So, remember this cute, cute hat:

Yup, I put the pdf up on etsy and I still love this hat so dearly that I'm dreaming of seeing it sprout up on lots of little ones on other's blogs. So, I'm gonna give away 1 kit for this hat, and 2 patterns. Here's the deal. Little A bought me a Webkinz so that we could virtually communicate because who wants to ACTUALLY talk to their mother when they can send messages. (I'm still wondering if she's catching on that her birthday could be all virtual gifts this way....) So, guess what I named my Webkinz (And I do realize that this could possibly be the lamest contest ever, but cut me some slack ok). If someone guesses the actual name, they get the kit. Otherwise, I'll randomly select the winners from everyone who enters...one guess per person. The patterns will be emailed in a pdf file. The kit will be snail mailed since its still a little challenging for me to figure how to email yarn. Knitters....have you figure this out in my absence? The contest ends Thursday at 9:00pm EST. Please post your guesses as a comment to this post. Ok? Did I remember everything for bloggy contests? Probably not. I'm so out of practice!

In other news....the store is going pretty good. The best part is that I've got rockin' peeps who hang out with me a lot and are so helpful and supportive. I love knitters. Its such a totally different atmosphere from my previous hellish job. I mean, I would just as soon be at the store than at home. It's just....nice.

I've got a ton of FO's to post....knitting my little fingers off you know. A lot of them are store samples, but I still have lots going that are just for my own insanity.
Ok, well....I've only got 40 minutes left to knock off some of those bloglines. So, I'll sign off! Enter my contest! :)

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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

To do list

So, "Blog" has been on my list of things to do for weeks now. I'm quick aren't I? You can now all judge the state of the kitty litter and other chores based on my stellar blogging performance.

As always happens after I attempt to come back after taking a little break, I feel pretty much at a total loss for words. And I'm trying to resist the urge to just a make a laundry list of all the interesting things that have happened over the past few months because I REALLY am trying to be a little more regular (in blogging, not pooping....pooping is fine, thank you very much), so I can't go and blow all my stuff the first go, right? Right. I'm sure you all agree. But since I'm now verging on total blather and no news at all...I'd better pick one of them, don't you think? Otherwise, this may be one of the most pointless entries I've ever made. And that surely is saying something. Even though I'm not saying much of anything at all. Hey! That's awesome! Want to vote for me for president? I'm surely qualified with aimless not-talk like this!

Ok, ok. I actually have no desire to ever be president (you can all let out that breath now!) so I'll tell yuh....around about Thanksgiving (yes its been that long), I quit my stupid, fucking job! YAY! I sure did! It was an excellent day, and life without that fucker of a boss has been much, much better!


Monday, January 15, 2007

The day my boss told me to call him "Nancy"

That would be today. Apparently, even though my job is generally dull and simplistic, today, we need a code. Ok Nancy, whatever. I had to draw the line when he proposed the other part of the code be "I'll meet you at Victoria's Secret." Freak.