Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Visitors and Visiting

Phew. I've spent the last week and a half either having visitors and visiting NY. Fun, but I'm glad spring break is over.

I'm in crunch time for the pattern of the month for the store, but barring any printer disasters, I should be able to get it all set for tomorrow. I don't know how this happens...I really don't procrastinate all month, yet somehow I'm always coming down to the wire.

So, a while back, Stella wrote a post about settling. I can't find was ages ago....I've mentioned I'm way, way behind, right? Well, to be honest, the post kind of pissed me off. I'm not entirely sure why. Oh....if you're reading this Stella, this is not a reflection on was just my testy internal response to the blog post. And I am talking about it months later, so hopefully you won't take offense at me using it as a jumping off point. But after different things happening, and thinking about it for while, I think what my gripe really is....its with the word "settling." Thar's some shitty connotation with that word, now isn't thar? And honestly, I think that settling really seems to just means a shift in priorities when it comes to finding someone to live life with and maybe abandoning a fairy tale sense of romance. Maybe you decide that you want to be with someone who has a similar belief system, or educational level. Odds are that you came to this decision through either painful or fruitless relationships with other people. So, you decide that this quality it more important than the crushy gushy beginnings. It just doesn't seem like this progression should need to have the negative connotations of settling. Does it? Is it just me? Roo (who is currently blogless) was one of my visitors this past week and insisted that I just felt this way because of recent burns, but I maintained that it wasn't just that. Sure, getting burned by the crushy-gushies sucks, but there's a whole lot more to it.
First....I'm old! Haha....not really, but I'm old enough to not need to be all wrapped up in my partner. I'm perfectly happy having separate sections of my life that have nothing to do with him. And more than not needing to be wrapped up to that extent, I think I would prefer it at this point. It's just so exhausting, and I am waaaay over it.
Second, I seem to suck at choosing men based on the crushy gushies. Yup, somehow, I almost always choose a loser. Or at least one of those fine men that can pretend to be wonderful for 3 month and then, somehow, someway, they suck beyond belief forevermore. I know some of you can relate to this one.
And then... there was more that I can't remember now. I'm so out of practice blogging! But really, what do you guys think about settling? I feel like its an unfair way to look at finding someone based on....well....research. I've researched. This guy sucks for this reason. That guy sucks for some other reason. We're going to try to eliminate some of those variables and see if it works out any better. Anybody got a grant for me? Or at least some thoughts?


Friday, April 18, 2008


That's the name. It tried to drop a little hint yesterday, but didn't tell you it was a hint because well....that would be really obvious, now wouldn't it? So all the winners were chosen randomly by
Turtle wins the kit! And Olga and Chris win the 2 pattern files! Turtle and Olga....can you email me your info at whoringforyarn AT gmail DOT com? should already be comin' your way. :)
Me seester is visiting so that's all today! Thanks for playing everyone!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Faking my way through pre-puberty, Part 1 of 156,724

I'm down to 1296 bloglines. Is that progress or what? Of course I'm still a lame commenter, but its hard to decide what to comment on when your reading through the 34 posts you missed. I'm just hoping dooce won't be too hurt that I just clicked on her 96 posts to get them off the list and didn't read them. We're very tight, me and dooce. Hopefully she'll understand.

Over Christmas (its been so long, I'm still talking about Christmas?) my sister gave me season 1 of Dharma and Greg, which is my all time favorite show. The strangest thing is that Little A loves them as much as I do. She's completely obsessed. She quotes them like trekies quote Bones. Overall, I really enjoy this development being that it has really cut down on my Hannah Montana watching time, but there are drawbacks. I never really noticed how completely sex-centered the show is. Not in a raunchy way, which is nice, but in that lovely way that leads to lots of little questions. I guess if I was ready for this, I'd think it a great conversation starter, but I AM NOT READY FOR THIS. Is there anyone out there who thinks their parents dealt with this very well? What did they do? Treat it as no big deal in hopes that you wouldn't feel the need run out and find some booty? Make it a huge deal in hopes that you would buy yourself a chastity belt? I try to be fairly matter-of-fact, we might as well be talking about homework, but that's total pretend. Obviously, the screaming in my head proves that...and I wonder when Little A will catch on. She's pretty bright and at some point, she might just see that the forced smile on my face is a result of total and complete parental fear. My parents chose to not go through this at all. No sex talk at all. I'm sure they would've been happier if the sex ed class taught stork-lore. So I got nothin'. Not even something to refer to as "Well I won't say THAT." Well, that's a lie. I could think of a whole gaggle of things that I wouldn't say. Its just coming up with those pesky things TO say on the spot when she asks "Why is that funny?" after a reference to the infamous man from Nantucket. Maybe if that guy stops sucking his own wanger for a few minutes I'll ask him.

Don't forget to enter my contest before 9pm tonight!


Tuesday, April 15, 2008


To get back to blogging. Dang. The only things I'm more behind in are email and bloglines. I believe I have been a shitty communicator the past couple of months. And now I've got one whole hour to try to catch up. ONE WHOLE HOUR. Wow....that should get one blog post and my bloglines down to about 2300. Doh! It doesn't help that Little A is always trying to get on my computer as much as I am lately. Those darn webkinz.

So anywho, what brings a blog back to life better then a contest? (Besides frequent posting I mean.) So, remember this cute, cute hat:

Yup, I put the pdf up on etsy and I still love this hat so dearly that I'm dreaming of seeing it sprout up on lots of little ones on other's blogs. So, I'm gonna give away 1 kit for this hat, and 2 patterns. Here's the deal. Little A bought me a Webkinz so that we could virtually communicate because who wants to ACTUALLY talk to their mother when they can send messages. (I'm still wondering if she's catching on that her birthday could be all virtual gifts this way....) So, guess what I named my Webkinz (And I do realize that this could possibly be the lamest contest ever, but cut me some slack ok). If someone guesses the actual name, they get the kit. Otherwise, I'll randomly select the winners from everyone who guess per person. The patterns will be emailed in a pdf file. The kit will be snail mailed since its still a little challenging for me to figure how to email yarn. Knitters....have you figure this out in my absence? The contest ends Thursday at 9:00pm EST. Please post your guesses as a comment to this post. Ok? Did I remember everything for bloggy contests? Probably not. I'm so out of practice!

In other news....the store is going pretty good. The best part is that I've got rockin' peeps who hang out with me a lot and are so helpful and supportive. I love knitters. Its such a totally different atmosphere from my previous hellish job. I mean, I would just as soon be at the store than at home. It's just....nice.

I've got a ton of FO's to post....knitting my little fingers off you know. A lot of them are store samples, but I still have lots going that are just for my own insanity.
Ok, well....I've only got 40 minutes left to knock off some of those bloglines. So, I'll sign off! Enter my contest! :)

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