Thursday, December 08, 2005

T-17, Checking the list twice, thrice....

This is mainly for me, so that I can maintain the appropriate amount of panic to get things done. Pictures will come:
Little A's Blankie (this is actually crochet, about 1/3 done...takes forever though)
L's socks (1 done, 1 to go)
JDad's slippers (1 and 1/2 done, 1/2 to go))
J2's socks slippers
MC's chessboard (1/2 done, but I'll post picture and pattern when it's done)
S's gloves
Roo's something (Roo reads here, I can't SAY, but it's 1/3 done, sort of. It may get frogged, i'm worried about too little yarn)
T's Washclothes (got 1, still need 1)
B's baby something (still yet to be chosen)
And another something to M & B's baby (which will also not be disclosed since he reads here sometimes, but it's ALMOST DONE)
N's sister and family are visiting. I should suck up. We'll see. That's *5* more people.
N's cousin, wife, and their kid that live upstairs - I really should've added them to the list before, but....uh....I'm thinking wifeJ will get a pretty lace scarf, husbandP will get cookies (not knitted) and littleJ will get a toy. See that, my grand plan is already
Nephew's Hat - DONE!
Neice's Socks and Hat - DONE!
Brother's socks - DONE!
Dad's Socks - DONE!
J1's Griffindor scarf - DONE!


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